SOTI SYNC Annual User Conference is an Industry-Leading Mobile Technology Event

Mobile technology experts come together to learn from the best, exchange ideas and share best practices on common challenges in a thought provoking, fun and engaging environment.

With a full day of optional hands-on training, followed by two full days of Keynotes, General and Track sessions from a wide range of industry experts, SYNC attendees will have the opportunity to blend technical skills against real mobility issues. Attendees will walk away from this event with the knowledge and know-how to lead their organization in the ever-changing world of mobility.


Visionary Keynotes

Hear from the visionaries who are differentiating with innovative new ideas that are changing the game. It doesn't matter what industry you operate in, mobile technology, IoT, and Business Intelligence are going to cross your path. Be there to hear it from the people who are making it happen. Be the first to know when our 2018 keynote speakers are announced.

Google Home Mini Giveaway

Google Home is a powerful assistant that leverages Google’s Artificial Intelligence technology to make your life easier, help you do things and have fun. Play music, call your friends, ask questions, control your home - using just your voice.

Register today to receive a Google Home Mini as a bonus gift, courtesy of our friends at Android™ Enterprise.

Hands-On Technical Training & Certification

From leading SOTI subject matter experts, delegates will have the ability to select specific sessions catered to their individual knowledge and skill set. Get Certified by SOTI professionals.

Evening at the Guinness Storehouse

A special evening at the Guinness Storehouse is sure to be a 2018 highlight. Tour through several floors filled with interactive experiences, enjoy local food and entertainment, and learn how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness at the Guinness Academy.


Monday October 1

Pre Conference Training Evening Welcome Reception

Tuesday October 2

Opening Keynote Breakout Sessions Sponsor Exhibits and SOTI Showcase SOTI Sync Afterparty

Wednesday October 3rd

Closing General Session Breakout Sessions Sponsor Exhibits and SOTI Showcase


Carl Rodrigues

Competing in the 21st Century

The pervasive power of mobile technology is reshaping industries and upending traditional business models. We are living in times where everything is being reinvented, everything is changing and the costs for building and supporting software solutions are rapidly increasing.

In order to survive, businesses need to deliver products that are not only differentiated, but products that can quickly and cost effectively be transformed to keep up with the times. In his keynote address, Mr. Rodrigues will discuss the need to rethink how software is designed, in order to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions that can withstand the ravages of rapidly changing market conditions. Mr. Rodrigues will explain how the SOTI ONE platform is well suited to this task, enabling businesses to dramatically reduce engineering and support costs, deliver products faster, and maximize return on investment.

Are you ready to compete in today's mobile-first world?

Craig & Marc Kielburger

Unconventional Leadership: Lessons learned from Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and more

In this highly interactive keynote, Craig and Marc share actionable leadership lessons that anyone can relate to and employ in their work, education or personal life.

Over the course of this dynamic presentation, Craig and Marc will share powerful stories and lessons of leadership they have learned from their mentors and some of the world’s greatest leaders, from Mother Teresa to Nelson Mandela. Participants will walk away with thought-provoking ideas and tips for creating personal and organizational change.

Weaving the tale of their journey from starting a charity in their parents’ living room, determined to make a difference, to becoming the leaders of a global enterprise with over 1000 employees spanning 5 continents, Craig and Marc will share intimate stories that helped shape their strategic decisions that were made along the way. Craig and Marc will provide insights and lessons from the extraordinary leaders who have coached and mentored them in some of the most important leadership lessons one can receive – from taking big risks, to accountability, emotional intelligence and being a shameless idealist.

Breakout Sessions

Get your Head in the Cloud

Best practices for migrating to SOTI MobiControl Cloud

Experts project that by 2020 a staggering 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. Smart companies like yours are moving their business-critical solutions to the cloud for many reasons, including flexibility, operational cost savings and easy scalability.

In this session, you will hear from SOTI mobility experts who have implemented hundreds of cloud deployments. You will learn the pros and cons of on-premise vs. cloud deployments and how to avoid common implementation pitfalls to make your cloud migration quick and easy.

Rugged Devices are Getting a Second Wind

How do you manage business mobility when it is business-critical?

In the past mobile technology was a "nice-to-have" - it was deployed to increase productivity, save money or maybe improve the customer experience. These days, business mobility has become business-critical. You depend on mobile devices and apps to execute your core business strategy. A 2018 global survey of SOTI customers found that over 90% of them consider their mobile technology to be critical to their business operations.

This session will educate you on business-critical mobility and discuss how the use of rugged and semi-rugged devices is growing to support it. Learn why and how smart businesses are doubling down on mobile technology to drive and differentiate their business.

Measure it, Analyze it, Improve it

SOTI Insight analyzes important data from the edge of your network

When Peter Drucker said, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it," you would think he was talking about business mobility. Knowing the where's, who's and what's about your mobile technology is just a beginning, you also need the metadata, the data about the data. Vital information such as connections, battery life, signal strength, storage and bandwidth.

In this session, SOTI will introduce our new, user-friendly BI solution, SOTI Insight. It has been created to get the best out of enterprise mobility and IoT deployments. See what SOTI Insight has to offer and what kinds of business problems it solves. Learn how you can benefit from SOTI Insight, and how you can get access to it.

Apple Takes a Bite out of the Enterprise

Best practices for iOS Management

Apple iOS devices are a staple for the modern mobile enterprise. Companies depend on the security and reliability of iPhones and iPads for many critical business functions. SOTI MobiControl makes a good thing great, by increasing the security and manageability of all iOS devices.

In this session you will learn some tips and tricks for iOS device deployments and some pitfalls to avoid. You will hear what's new in Apple iOS 12 and how it affects the management of iOS devices and apps. SOTI will present the new iOS features in SOTI MobiControl and show you how they make enterprise iOS deployment easier than ever.

Dealing with a Big Mac Attack

Learn what's new with SOTI macOS management

macOS may lag Microsoft Windows in overall market share, but it still a significant player in the enterprise. Around 22% of enterprise endpoints run macOSX as an operating system. It is especially popular with road warriors and executives. Many companies are using EMM solutions to secure and manage their macOS laptops alongside their other mobile devices.

This session will demonstrate SOTI MobiControl's latest macOS management features, and show our macOS roadmap for the next year. Learn how SOTI MobiControl integrates with Apple's DEP and VPP to manage both BYOD and company owned Mac devices.

Will Android Dominate the Enterprise?

Experts discuss how Google Android Enterprise and SOTI Android+ are taking over business mobility

Google Android can be found on more than 80% of all mobile devices shipped in 2017. It really is the world's most popular operating system. But what you didn't know is that Android is also "pwning" the Enterprise. Of the approximately 420 million mobile devices sold for business use in 2016, over 330 million ran Google Android.

This session features an informative panel with Android experts from around the globe. They will discuss future of SOTI Android+, the changes coming in Android P and the importance of migrating to Android Enterprise management for business-critical mobility.

Making Penguins Work for You

Transform your business with Linux Management

Linux is the "sleeper" of the mobile operating system market. It may not have significant market share now, but that will change with the growth of the IoT as more and more players are committing to Linux. Just recently, Microsoft announced Azure Sphere OS for IoT devices. It is based on a custom Linux kernel that tightly integrates into the Windows ecosystem. As Linux becomes more popular, it needs full lifecycle security and management more than ever.

In this session, SOTI will demonstrate some interesting Linux use cases in the enterprise. See what features and benefits SOTI MobiControl offers for Linux deployments. Learn how you can work with SOTI and goto market with Linux based mobility and IoT solutions.

No Time for Downtime

How SOTI Assist can improve your help desk in a mobile-first world

The more mobile technology your company deploys, the more dependant you become on that technology to succeed. When mobile devices and apps become critical to the success of your business - You have no time for downtime. SOTI Assist is the industry's first help desk solution that is 'purpose-built' to fix mobile device and app problems quickly, on the first try.

In this session, you will see what new features have been added to SOTI Assist and the product development roadmap. See what types of organizations most benefit from SOTI Assist and hear how St. Croix Hospice leveraged it to improve the productivity of their IT staff and reduce worker downtime.

No Budget? No Coders? No Problem!

SOTI Snap makes traditional app development a thing of the past

According to Gartner, almost three quarters of businesses globally are building, customizing or virtualizing apps for their unique needs. Your mobile app needs have grown beyond simple office productivity and enterprise-wide apps. You need custom line-of-business (LOB) apps that help with your operations. But they are costly and time consuming to develop in house, and even more expensive to outsource. But not every app needs a mega project, sometimes "quick and simple" is good enough. SOTI Snap lets anyone build mobile apps for your business quickly and easily.

In this session you will learn what SOTI Snap is and how it can be used to create powerful apps for your company. Learn best practices for SOTI Snap app development, app deployment, data security and troubleshooting. See how SOTI Snap integrates with SOTI MobiControl to make mobile app management easier than ever.

Is it time to Upgrade your SOTI MobiControl?

What's new in SOTI MobiControl 14 and why is it awesome?

SOTI MobiControl 14 is the latest and greatest version of the company's award-winning enterprise mobility management solution. It is a significant upgrade from SOTI MobiControl 12.x and 13.x. but what are the key benefits that you will see if you do decide to upgrade?

This session will show you what is new in SOTI MobiControl 14. Learn from SOTI mobility experts how to take advantage of some of the advanced features of SOTI MobiControl 14 such as the new expanded APIs and re-designed user interface.

Step 1: Crush Silos - Step 2: Reinvent your Business - Step 3: Win

SOTI ONE makes amazing things possible

SOTI ONE is a powerful new platform that simplifies business-critical mobility and the IoT. It is an integrated suite of mobility solutions that tears down functional 'silos' to create unified business mobility solutions. In the future, when everything is connected, SOTI ONE makes it smarter, quicker and more reliable.

This session will walk you through some challenging business mobility use cases to show you how SOTI ONE lets you do things previously thought impossible. See the SOTI ONE roadmap and learn about pricing and licensing.

Where the Student becomes the Master

SOTI Central connects people, ideas, and solutions

SOTI Central is our new online community to connect, communicate and collaborate with customers and partners. The community is growing quickly and the discussion forum is proving to be an invaluable source of SOTI product know-how. The best part is that SOTI customers and partners are providing some of the best answers and solutions.

In this session, you will see how SOTI Central is growing and driving product innovation. Learn valuable tips and tricks for your mobility deployment that were posted on SOTI Central by your peers.

Is Your Business at Risk of a Breach?

Industry trends for data privacy regulation and compliance

New, robust data privacy regulations are appearing all over the world. This trend will continue, as more counties get serious about how their citizens' personal data is collected and used by companies. Because mobile devices are mobile and remote, they are a high-risk area for data privacy. Companies need to lockdown devices and apps to prevent data leakage and protect them from criminals.

In this session you will see how SOTI helps with managing data privacy for mobile technology. See the changing global data privacy landscape and how it may impact your operations. Learn how SOTI can help you maintain GDPR compliance.

Stories from the Front Lines

Successes with SOTI Professional Services

There are times when a company needs help with their business mobility strategy and execution. You need help to fast-track and optimize the deployment of your enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, and SOTI Professional Services can help make this happen. SOTI offers a number of different services to help you with your business mobility deployment.

This session will walk you step-by-step through some recent SOTI Professional Services engagements. See how SOTI simplified business-critical mobility and made our customers' mobile device deployments successful sooner. Learn how SOTI Professional Services delivers innovative solutions to business mobility's most difficult challenges: implementation, migration, upgrading and testing.

Training Sessions

All-Day Training

SOTI MobiControl All-Day Training

A Senior Technical Support Specialist will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the functions within SOTI MobiControl. This all-day training session will empower attendees with the insight required to harness the capabilities of SOTI MobiControl.

One Hour Training

Overview of the Latest Enhancements to SOTI MobiControl 14

In this session, attendees will learn about the latest features in SOTI MobiControl 14 as well as how to best use those features to solve business mobility challenges.

Android Enterprise Device Management

This hands-on training session will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of how to manage Android Enterprise devices. This session will cover profile configuration, enrollment, security and many other features in SOTI MobiControl for managing Android Enterprise devices.

Windows 10 Device Management

This hands-on training session will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of how to manage Windows 10 devices. Attendees will learn about certificate enrollment, LDAP enrollment, and other management capabilities of Windows 10 devices.

iOS Device Management

This hands-on training session will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of how to manage iOS devices. Attendees will learn about the steps involved in enrolling and managing iOS devices and about the benefits involved in deploying iOS devices throughout their business using SOTI MobiControl.

Introduction to Android Enterprise

This session provides a high-level overview of Android Enterprise. Attendees will learn about its benefits, how it keeps devices secure, and how it makes day-to-day management of the device estate simpler.

Apple Business Manager and SOTI MobiControl

Learn about Apple Business Manager and how it makes device enrollment and app deployment with DEP and VPP easier.

Data Reporting and Extraction in SOTI MobiControl

Attendees will learn about best practices for data reporting using SOTI MobiControl. Attendees will learn about report generation and data collection within SOTI MobiControl, and how to integrate with SOTI MobiControl APIs to pull data, charts and reports into 3rd party systems.

Overview of APIs in SOTI MobiControl

This session will go over how to get started with making your own API calls to SOTI MobiControl. Attendees will learn about various use cases and challenges that integration with SOTI MobiControl APIs can address.

Deep-dive into SOTI MobiControl Profiles

In this hands-on session, attendees will learn about best practices for distributing and managing profiles for configurations and packages. Learn how SOTI MobiControl's powerful profile filter criteria can ease day-to-day management of devices.

Introduction to SOTI Assist

In this session, attendees will get hands-on with our designed for mobile help desk solution, SOTI Assist. Attendees will learn the basics of creating and managing tickets within SOTI Assist, get an understanding of the entire lifecycle of a ticket, and learn about the latest additions to SOTI Assist.

App deployment with Android Enterprise and Google Play

In this hands-on session, attendees will learn about the various app distribution mechanisms within SOTI MobiControl for Android Enterprise devices. This session will cover both package deployment as well as distribution of apps via Google Play.

Introduction to SOTI Snap

In this session, attendees will get hands-on with our rapid app development solution, SOTI Snap. This session will cover the stages for planning, creating, testing and deploying SOTI Snap apps for iOS and Android.

SOTI MobiControl Best Practices

Attendees will learn from the best! Hear from our Technical Account Managers, who have assisted with numerous customer deployments. They will talk attendees through industry best practices covering, device updates, production vs. test environments, naming conventions for profiles, and much more.

Introduction to SOTI Insight

Get early access to SOTI's new business intelligence solution, SOTI Insight. See how it can help you take proactive management of your business mobility fleet.


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